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  • What is a telematics platform?

    We mean the present computer system (software and hardware), through which it is possible to carry out tender procedures entirely managed digitally in compliance with the provisions of the procurement code - Legislative Decree 36/2023.
    The e-procurement platform, the telematic system and the Procurement portal are also understood as synonyms for the online platform, the latter refers to the component specifically dedicated to economic operators.

  • What is an economic operator?

    Please refer to the definition of the procurement code - Legislative Decree 36/2023. Simply, in the context of the online platform, is identified with the company that intends to participate in a procurement procedure.

  • How can I access and use the online platform?

    The online platform is publicly accessible for the only purpose of consulting the information and documents relating to the advertising, legal and transparency.
    To be able to access the features dedicated to economic operators to participate in the awarding procedures the registration to the online platform is required. In the "Access to reserved area " section, instructions are available for registration and authorization to access the reserved area.

  • Which technological tools or equipment must be equipped to use the telematic platform?

    In the "Access to reserved area" section, instructions are available for registering and enabling access to the reserved area that also include the requisites and the necessary technological equipment.

  • Is registration for access to the reserved area sufficient to register for a possible operator list or to be invited to participate in a procurement procedure?

    No. Registration for access to the private area is a fundamental requirement for accessing the functionality, which then allow you to register on a list, to participate in an electronic procedure, etc.
    However, registration allows the Contracting Authority to have the economic operator's personal data and facilitates the selection in case of generic market research.

  • What protection is provided for the data I enter during registration?

    The processing of personal data, based on maximum confidentiality and security, takes place in compliance with the obligations deriving from national legislation (Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 No. 196, Code regarding the protection of personal data, and subsequent amendments) and European (Regulation European Data Protection Authority No. 679/2016, GDPR), according to information provided to users.

  • I entered all the data required for registration, but no e-mail or PEC arrived. What should I do to complete the registration?

    To complete the registration and activate your user account, you must receive the email (or PEC) containing the activation "token", a link that allows you to confirm that the data entered and conclude the process. If both the "normal" e-mail address and PEC are entered, the activation e-mail will be sent to the PEC address.
    If you do not receive the email/PEC within a reasonable time (generally no more than a few hours) check that you have correctly entered the certified email address in the registration data. Also check that your mailbox/PEC is not full and is operational. If, after these checks, you have not yet received the activation e-mail/PEC, contact the Helpdesk via the link of the same name on the telematics platform.

  • I received the email/PEC containing the "token" or activation link, but when I click on it the browser responds with an error. What can I do?

    Check that in the address bar of the browser (the one where www is inserted) all the "token" is present without spaces or interruptions.
    Eventually, for safety, it is possible to copy and paste the address of the "token" in the Windows notepad, verify here that it is complete and without spaces and everything in a row without "new lines", then copy and paste it in the toolbar browser address.If so the error reoccurs, contact the Helpdesk through the homonymous connection present in the telematic platform.

  • I enter my username and password but I can't access the reserved area

    Check that you have correctly entered the user name and password, paying particular attention to entering the characters in uppercase and lowercase as they are entered when registering to the portal. If, after verification, you are still unable to access the reserved area, contact the Helpdesk via the link of the same name on the online platform.

  • How can I get assistance?

    For problems concerning the use of the online platform or malfunctions, the Helpdesk request service is available from the link of the same name on the home page of the online platform. For further information and other channels for accessing the service, please refer to the document "Technical methods for the use of the online platform and access to the Reserved Area of the Procurement Portal" downloadable from the "Access restricted area" section.
    The Helpdesk service is not authorized to provide information and clarifications regarding checks, notices, procedures for which reference is made to the contact points of the Contracting Station, or to the indications in the tender announcement or in the invitation letter.

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