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Economic operator registration to the portal

ATTENTION: once registration has been completed and data has been sent, the information relating to Company Name, Legal Form, Social Security Number and VAT Number cannot be changed. Any changes must be requested using the "Request dentification data change" button from your personal area.

Continue filling in the data manually

Click on "Compile manually" to enter the data in the following forms relating to the economic operator master data.

Import data from an M-XML file

If you have already registered on another e-procurement platform that supports the M-XML format, you can download the registry data from that platform in M-XML format and import them into this one.
Search in the other platform the data export function in M-XML format. Typically the export function can be found in the "Personal Area", "Profile", "Your data" section.
If you have a M-XML file click on "Import from M-XML file" to upload the compatible/available data and then proceed by verifying and supplementing any additional data that may be required.

Import data from an ESPD file in XML format

If you have the XML file of an ESPD recently compiled and containing your updated personal data, click on the button "Import from ESPD file in XML format" to load the compatible/available data and then proceed by verifying and integrating any additional data requested.

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